Friday, July 26, 2013


Why Blogger platform is better than others?

Blogger is the only free content management platform. If you looked at blogger lately, you could see 7 years ago blogger had more than 25K active users and now see it. This blogger platform has more than 400 million active users. We can see too many big industries like twitter, people are using this platform for host their content. Before you start using this platform, I will suggest you to see their great features as I share today.  

Why I create this post? Some days ago people told me what platform is the easy and best for beginners. I reply to them blogger is the easiest way to make a blog. Then people asked me again, why should they using the platform and what is the benefit of using the blogger platform? So, I create this post for people who want to know why we suggest you to use blogger platform.

Why we suggest you to use the blogger platform?

Blogger is totally free platform:

Blogger is a free open source company that are made by Google. If you want to use the platform, you don’t need to buy any web hosting for your website. Because blogger don’t need any host for your content. You can use this platform for personal and industrial uses.   
Why we need to invest thousand for dollars every year for buy CMS platform? That all features available in blogger platform for free? Why we need to hire a professional developer to make a blog or website if we can do it easily? Blogger never force you to use their footer widget for backlinks. You can remove it anytime when you want.

Install Professional Templates:

It’s too easy to find a professional and eye catching templates for your blogger blog. If you start search in Google? You can find millions of templates. Or if you failed to find a good template for your website, you can hire a professional web designer easily. It’s also too easy to upload your templates in blogger and backup your templates with 1click.

100% Uptime / 0% Downtime:

All of peoples (Who are using blogger) give you guarantee that this platform have 100% uptime. Yesterday I just found a quote from pingdom, they said:

“Since Blogger was the only service with zero uptime at all. We skipped the chart here. We hope you did not mind. It simply would not have that interesting”

SEO friendly:

Blogger is the only one platform that are SEO friendly. It’s the platform of Google property. So, Google loves this platform. When you publish a new article in your website or blog? You can see the post in Google search result within some hours. Because they crawl your post link fast and index it on Google search engine.

Few invest:

As I told before you don’t need to buy web hosting for your website if you are using blogger platform. But if you want to use TLD (Top Level Domain) like .COM, then you can buy a domain from godaddy, namcheap or etc providers. It’s cost only $10 per year. If you use TLD domain, your site URL looks small and great. It’s really helpful for memorize your site link.    

Easy to customize:

You don’t need to become expert in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. You can edit your website template easily. You can change your template colours, adding or removing widgets, edit HTML, Change or replace code easily.

If you need any kind of help about blogger platform? Feel free to comment here, I will try to reply your comment soon.   


  1. I do agree on the "Few invest"'s a worth spending (investing).

    1. If you invest some money for TLD, it's really going to worthy. :) .

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