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Create your first blog – Which platform easy for newbie?

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Now a day’s many people build website for make a new career with blogging. And trying to make money from online. As I seen before some days ago freelance worker change their career with blogging, make their own website and with good profession. So, basically today I made this article only for newbie who decided to create a new blog. This article will help you to choose an easiest platform and create your first blog simply. In this blogging world have many platform to create blogs or websites. Example: blogger, WordPress, Thumblr, Webs, Weebly and many more. But remember, not all platform are easy or simple. In this post we are trying to help all newbie for make their first blog and suggest you to choose only one easiest platform.

So without waiting a minute let me teach how to create your first blog and choose a great blog platform for build a website.

Is blogging job are valuable?

It’s totally depends to your eyes. You can success in blogging journey if you work hard daily. Because without hard working you can’t get a single penny. Every work needs some ingredients. however blogging needs only patience and hard work. If you can spend couple of hours in a single day? You can get some big pay-checks within a year.

You need to create a blog for make a professional website. If your target is only make money from your blog? Then you will be failing for sure. Because you need some patience for get the money to your hands. Just keep working with your blogs or website, money will come to our hands automatically.
So basically blogging worth for any person who can do hard work and patience.   
Choose a better platform:

It’s the main part of blogging for create your first blog. As I told in this blogging world have too many platforms for create blogs. But you need to choose one for create your first blog. In several platform Blogger and WordPress is the best.
Some people love to use Blogger and some peoples are using WordPress. From my suggestion, you need to use Blogger platform if you are newbie. You can also try WordPress if you want. You can some benefits of Blogger and WordPress when you see below.


Blogger is the easiest and simple way to create your first blog if you are newbie or beginners. It’s Google’s property. You don’t need to buy hosting for your website if you are interest to using Blogger platform. If you want to create a website with top level domain, then you need to buy a .COM domain. You can find some good domain register company such as like Godaddy, NameCheap, Register and etc. It’s only cost $10 for buy a .COM domain.  

blogger platform

I like this platform, because it’s easy to use HTML, widgets for maintain website. You just need to upload a simple template in this platform and you can change layout, design or customize anything you want. Also Blogger is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly platform.

In this platform you can’t use PHP scripts in your blogs. You can create unlimited page in your blog without any limitation. Also you can add many users in your blog if you want.


WordPress is another great platform for create your first blog. But it’s not easy to use and not for newbie or beginners. It’s the most powerful open source software that are customize to awesome level. In this platform good feature is, you can use PHP or many other scripts in your blog or website. People always use this platform for make a big business. You can create some dynamic database in this platform. Easy words, you can get good benefits from this platform if you choose it.

In this platform you need to use security, SEO (Search engine optimization) plugin for make the blog popular. If you want to buy a .COM domain? It’s cost $10 every year. Also if you are interest to using the WordPress platform?
You need to buy hosting for sure. Because WordPress is not Google’s property. WordPress need hosting for every blogs. If you don’t like to invest money? Then I will suggest you to choose Blogger platform. Because you don’t need to invest money for hosting.

wordpress platform

So, if you are beginner user? I will recommend you to use Blogger platform. Because it’s easy to use, customize and don’t need to buy hosting and pay monthly payment. If you want to use TLD (Top level Domain)? Just buy a .COM domain from best providers. It’s cost only $10 per year. 

Create Your First Blog:

Make a blog or website in Blogger platform is really easy and simple. If you do few steps, you can success to make a blog site in Blogger. I will suggest you to create a new Gmail account for make a blog in Blogger platform (Not recommended).  

  • First Visit Blogger and Sign in or Register.
  • If you successful to log in blogger? You can see the dashboard of blogger platform. Click New Blog button. 
  • Now, you need to put your site title and site URL.
  • You can use their default template (Note: You can upload new template later).  

create a new blog

You are done when you click the CREATE BLOG! button. Now your simple work is, create quality content that are helpful for people and publish it in your blog. 

Any question about this post? Feel free to comment here. I will assist you to answer your question. Thank you. 


  1. Commented 'coz your article really helpful.

    1. Thank you so much for spend your time to read my posts.

  2. Great post, helped me to create a valuable blog of my own....thanks for your help.....

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