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Blogging My Career’s Admin                                 Date: 25.07.2013

Mohammad Reaz is a student of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Also he is an expert in SEO Specialist, Experienced Blogger, AdSense Publisher and a dependent on Web builder. Currently he not create any business site for offering web services or etc.

In 15 June, 2013 he created this blog (Blogging My Career) for teach all beginners who interest to learn blogging, SEO, genuine technique for making cash and etc. My target is, I will collect too many readers, audience for my website and make my blog bigger.

purpose of bmcMohammad Reaz started blogging in Feb 2012 just after completing his H.S.C (Higher School Certificate). After a US visa banning for higher studies, he started writing blogs to get liberate of the increasing unhappiness and there after his life improved affectedly. He started taking attention in modification Blogger Templates by carefully analysis articles on web. His dryness for knowledge and considerate latest web technologies like HTML5, PHP, CSS3 and JavaScript prepared him with an excellent art of web scheming. Currently he is a web designer and web maker by all rights without having taken any expert training.

The resolution of publishing BMC (Blogging My Career) BLOG was to offer high value Blogging tips, web designing lessons, useful SEO tips and Online make money methods. Every one post is available with a hope so that all blogger’s may learn the core essentials to found himself as a skilful businessperson, act as a rich source to the online groups and make a happy living online. BMC (Blogging My Career) is not limited to Google Blogger only, the keyword Blogger in its domain is mentioned to public's who blog for a living.

Mohammad Reaz’s advice to new Bloggers:

“When you plan to do somewhat different in life, people will say you that you cannot do it but after you demonstration that you can, the related person would ask you: In what technique you did it? So don't share and keep blogging respectfully.

Blogging needs a little hard effort but a lot of patience. It lets you to connect with a multinational online world of 3.5 Billion people, both of them is willing to find out, what you have acquired to share. So respect this chance and work hard with seriousness. Blog only to blow-out understanding and love. Give more importance to High Quality content, respect Copyrights, your visitors and hate Blogging for cash alone. I am blogging since one years but I quiet feel like a newbie and this is what that retains me aggressive to do more.

Please don’t forget to be thankful to GOD Massive for gifting you with the capability to read and write. Everybody of you is a born mastermind, you just need to identify your God gifted possibilities. Wishing you all a cheerful Blogging career. Stay welcome and be glad always. World and blessings be upon you all. "

Mohammad Reaz