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Easiest ways to make cash online

money from onlineMake cash online is not easy for newbie who just decided to earn money online. But today I share some ways for make money from web. If you can do hard work, you will be success. I will share some ways that are legit and working. Many big web builders made their life by doing this ways for make cash online. 

So without wasting our time, let’s see some way for make money.

How to make cash online?

Google AdSense:  Google AdSense is a publisher company that are made by Google. Many people use this way (Google AdSense) for make money online. It’s the easy way to monetize your website for make money. You need to build a website for make money from Google AdSense. Without website you can’t catch money from AdSense publisher site. 

Now question is how much you can make money through AdSense.

Google AdSense pays $2-$15 per click. You need to put their advertisement in your site. When people see the ads and think it’s interested, they will click that advertisement. You can make money online when people click ads.

Where I need to put their ads?

As I told, you need to build a website. If you have no money for start? You can use BlogSpot or other free platform. Then you need to publish some quality content and increase website visitors. When you think you are success to increase your website visitors? You can apply for Google AdSense. Not all people get accepted in Google AdSense account. Because people not follow any rules of Google AdSense.

What is the requirement?

  • Build a .COM (Top Level domain).
  • Publish at least 30-40 articles.
  • Need at least 300+ visitors daily.  
  • Make a contact page.
  • Template must be simple and eye catching.

If you finish the requirement? You can apply for Google AdSense. After you apply, you need to wait some days for approve you account. When you account approve, you will get a message in your Gmail account. Then you can log in to AdSense account and put their ads in your website. You can make cash online easily if you do good work.

Note: Don’t click your own ads and don’t force your friends for click ads. 

Amazon: Amazon is an affiliate site. It's also a great way to make cash online. When people failed with Google AdSense? They are trying to monetize their website with affiliate marketing. You need to put Amazon products in your website. If your visitors see those products and buy it? You will get commission from them. That’s it. 

Now a day’s peoples become millionaire by affiliate marketing. Don’t worry, your Amazon application will be approve faster than Google AdSense when you submitted and also don’t need to follow any requirement. 

BuySellAds: It's a amazing way to make cash online. But it's hard to get approval account like Google AdSense. But anyhow, if you get the approval account of BuySellAds? You can make money from your website. You can see their terms when you click the link.  

People will buy ads space from your website for advertise their sites or company. Per advertisement you can make too much money. 

Selling eBook: If you success to build a website and increase your website visitors? You can make eBook and sell it in your website. If you have too many visitors? People will like to buy eBook if they interest. 

Increase sells your eBook: Just create a banner like 300 x 250 sizes. Then customize the banner and put it in your website. If the banner looks awesome and your eBook helpful for readers? You will get quick sells. 

CPA: CPA (Cost per click) is a awesome way to make cash online. But problem is, it's too hard for newbie and need some investment. You don't need to buy a website or increase website visitors. You can make cash online from CPA by email marketing. Without investing, you can't make any cash. So, it's not for beginners. 

That's it. if you need any kinds of help about make cash online or about this post? Feel free to contact me or leave a comment here. I will try to reply your comment ASAP. 


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  2. Hopefully, Google AdSense will enhance its system from time to time to increase the CTR value to one's site.

    1. Yes, We just hope so. Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Thanks for your information. Now a days lot of methods available to earn money online.But I was interested in doing Reselling business .It is a very good opportunity to earn through online.I am doing this job from home.Reselling means just selling services or products of others at higher cost and earning money by getting commission from them
    For doing this you must have reseller account.I got this account at

    1. Yup Dora, Reselling business is also a great way to make money online via commission. Keep up your earning from reseller business. Also best of luck. :)

  4. It is easy to earn cash by Google Adsense on own websites....You can get high income annually with Adsense...just we need to strive better at starting to learn and implement .....Its a great source to earn income for me..........

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