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Get content ideas when writing a post

fix content related problems
All of people know “Content is King”. Content is most important part for update your blog daily. But most of blogger’s are facing content ideas problem after create a blog or website. They easily manage their blog smoothly up to 20-30 days by daily updating. But after some days, they can’t find a topic for write articles. You can believe, without content your website will useless. So today I’m going to share my personal ways, how I get content ideas for write article. I really hope you can fix your content related any problem after reading this post. 

Get content ideas when writing a post

See other blogs:

This is a good way to find topic for write a blog post. You can visit your competitor or same niche websites for see their latest post, categories. You will get knowledge, what is the topic people always looking for. I’m not saying, visit your competitor blog and copy their articles. I’m only saying to visit your competitor website or blog for collect knowledge about their latest post and start writing with your own ideas. 

Note: Don’t copy other blog’s content, don’t spinning post.

Hope you will get too many content ideas for writing blog posts.

Ideas from friends:

Most of people think it’s not a strategy to get content ideas. But believe me, it’s really effective way to find a good and best topic to write article for your readers. What you need, you need some friends on social sites, forums or etc. You can also build a group for communication with your friends. You can know what other peoples are thinking. You can do this step if you are facing problem about content ideas.  

Ask your readers:

Traffic is the main part of blogging to make your website running. If your readers can’t find a topic they are looking for. They will leave your blog for sure. So you can get knowledge about content what they are looking for or you can ask your readers. If your readers see your blog is really helpful for them, they will obviously become your regular visitors. So make them happy and get good feedback.


People always like to make a discussion or communication with popular blogger’s who success in blogging career. Make questions lists for get answers from interview person. You will get more and valuable knowledge about blogging career from them.

Read eBooks:

Some people will think, huh, what a fool way to get ideas about content. But believe me or not, this is also a great strategy to get knowledge about writing content for your readers. You can visit Amazon and Google web store for finding a niche eBook for see their content lists. After read the content lists, you will get too many ideas for create content to your blog. Imagine your blog is computer technology related. You can easily search a book on Amazon or web store for find topic or content lists. Then you can get too many content ideas from this way. What you need to do, just try one time and see its working or not. J

Keep reading:

Reading other blog’s content and learns from them. How they write attractive content for their readers, what’s the technique they are using? How many articles you read, more you can learn from them. It’s also helping you to choose a blog post title for your blog and write useful content with good presentation.


When you have no idea or topic for write content to you blog, then review will help you a lot. Just pick a good product or review and start typing with their positive and negative benefits. What you recommended or what you dislike most. You can write big reviews about a product easily.  

Refresh your brain:

You can walk and finding topic about your blog niche. When I’m facing the same problem, I always relax and keep a small rest. Then I got some great idea for my readers, they always like it. I know it takes some time to thinking about a topic, but it’s really effective way to write content for your blog and get amazing ideas.

Case study:

Write something how to make your blogging career, how you success in this life, what you are doing, what’s the best secrets, from where you learned blogging. People always like to read professional blogger’s real life and its inspiring most of readers who are reading your post.   

Lists old posts:

You can create lists of your old posts in one page. It’s really helpful for all new visitors who come to your blog. They can easily see your old blog posts by clicking the page. On the lists of old posts, you may tell what you were thinking, when you wrote the post and etc.

I’m not telling those are the only way to get content ideas. I shared some strategy, who are facing problem with writing content. You can follow all way when you are on problem. Best of luck.


  1. Brother, very bad. Poor grammar is proving your weakness in English Language. By writing this kind of article you could not establish your authority. Not, I am not discouraging you. But be careful. Wish your success. Thanks
    Minhajul Islam

    1. Yup bro, I'm totally agree, I'm not good in English. But practicing is the best way to improve my English language. :) Thanks for your comment.

  2. I am a blogger and I often found difficult in creating content...I searched well other sites and had discussions with my friends too...Later I improved my English level and shared lots of post for my readers.....Thanks for this post as it made to memorise my struggle during past days....

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