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7 tactics to create quality content for your blog

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People always going to ask someone how to increase SEO rank, how to boost website visitors, how to create high quality and unique content, how to start marketing their blog. How many content needs to publish in their blog daily or weekly, how to start writing, what topic is worthy for readers and many more question. You also have those questions if you are newbie or beginners. Today I create this post for give you some steps that can help you how to create quality content for your readers. Content is the most important part for our blog. Because without content your website or blog is useless. Before start writing a content for your blog, you need to follow some steps that are helpful for create quality content for your readers. So without wasting our time let’s read all steps before writing a content. 

Create quality content for your blog:

Topic research:

Before you start writing, you can read other blog posts for collect knowledge about topic. You need to choose a main topic for your post before writing content. If you have not much idea about research, you can read other blog posts for see how they write content?

For example: SEO, social media optimization, increase website visitors, how to make money etc.

Believe it or not, “Best writing comes from the best reading.” What you will get if you reading other blog posts?

  • Publish your article in a specialized way.
  • Increase writing efficiently.
  • Make you similar with readers.  
  • Make your content interesting and many more.

Mapping your brain:

After you choose the topic, now take a paper and pen. Then write anything what you have in your mind about the topic. It’s called “Brain Mapping”. I know it’s take some times but it’s really helpful for create quality content for your readers. Definitely you will get better idea about the topic and you can write your best.    

Eye catching title:

Title is king. You can increase your web visitors if your post title catches your reader eyes. From my suggestion you can spend 15-20% time for choose a great title for your content. Why title is most important part of content? Because when people search something in search engines, they always see the title. If people like an amazing title of their search, they visit the website immediately.

So, if you create a title for your blog posts that are attract people to visit your website. You can increase your organic visitors.  

Start writing:

When you finish the brain mapping step, you can start writing your post. Just remember, don’t edit anything before your content complete (You can do it later). Just write whatever you have in your brain.

Edit part:

After you finish writing, you need to read your post at least 2 times. Then cut some words that are useless and type something that are helpful for readers. Don’t worry about the post length, because content is most important not post length. It’s not fact how long your content is. Readers love good and short content.  
The main parts are edit unnecessary part of content and write as detailed as possible.  

Art your content:

After editing your content you need to do this step. All professional bloggers know how to art their content, that’s why they become massively fashionable.  Just use some bullets, numbers, points, small paragraphs in your content.   


Just make sure your English grammar is well. Because if you have some grammatical mistake in your content, it’s hard to know what you write in your post. So before publish your content make sure you have no grammar mistake. Best of luck.    

If you have any kind of questions about this post, feel free to comment here. I will try my best for reply your comment. Thank you for visit my blog and read my post. 


  1. How bout using linkbait for tittle?

    1. Yea, This is a great tools for getting attractive title for our post. Thanks for your comment. :)

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