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Great ways to approve Google AdSense account

Get a approve Google AdSense account is too easy. But people did some mistake, didn’t read their (Google AdSense) rules and terms. That’s why they got banned or disapprove account. People don’t like to know what mistake they did or how to solve their inconvenience, they keep trying to get a AdSense account with some mistakes. So I create this post for suggest you to complete this steps before apply Google AdSense account. But people think it’s easy to make money from Google AdSense without doing hard work. It’s totally wrong, hence you need to spend too many times for your blog. Website visitors needs for make money from Google AdSense. If you have not many visitors in your website, you can’t make a penny from AdSense. 

Some effective ways for Increase website visitors

Approve Google AdSense account by doing these steps:

As we recognize content is life of blog. It’s also important for getting a approve Google AdSense account. If you broke their rules and publish nonsense posts in your blog, you will definitely get a disapprove account.

  • Don’t create a blog about porn, adult, drugs or etc.
  • Publish at least 40-50 posts before applying for account.
  • Don’t copy other blog posts.
  • Don’t publish same post in your blog many times.
  • Your content must be English language.
  • Per content, write at least 400-500 words.
  • Keyword research before writing a article.


Top level domain:
You will get a approve account from free BlogSpot site. But top level domain will give you more chances to grab a account from Google. :D

It’s cost only $10. If you don’t have money yet, save some pocket money those are giving you your parents. Save at least 1 week. You will definitely buy a .Com domain. 

Meta Tags:
Before apply for a Google AdSense account. Make sure you added Meta tag in your blog. Meta tag is important for Google, because it’s helpful to know what topic is your blog. If you don’t know how to add Meta tag in blogs? You can read a post by clicking the below link.   

Create Meta Tags

Site template:
Must use a simple and eye catching blog templates for your website. It’s not fact you are using free or paid blog template. Just download any and use this simply. If the site template looks good, then it’s the plus point for getting a approve Google AdSense account.  

Important pages:
After creating a website, you need to make some important pages for your blog. Because it’s most important part of blogging. What kinds of page you need to create?
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy policy page

Age is not fact for getting a approve Google AdSense account. But some people think blog age must need 6 month or higher before apply for account. It’s wrong because Google AdSense have no rules about ages of blogs. 

Remember, when you create a Gmail account or about us page. Make sure your age is more than 18 years old. Because Google never give a AdSense account to adult.  

Website visitors:
You must need at least 200-300 daily visitors for get a approve account. If you have no visitors, how can you make money online? So, do your best to increase your website visitors.

  1. Don’t use any black hat technique or any kinds of software. Otherwise your blog will permanently ban.
  2. I have seen some company are selling website traffic or visitors with cheap price. Don’t trust them, because they are giving harmful traffic and start spamming your site link. 

Blogger widgets:
Don’t use worthless widget in your blog. It’s harmful for your blog loading time. Also if you add too many widgets in your blog, your site looks like a dustbin. So make sure your blog looks like clean.

Recommended (if you want more chances):

  1. Add Google+ Profile widget in sidebar.
  2. Make a Google+ page and put in on your blog.
  3. Add a amazing email subscribe box. 

That's it. Thanks a lot for reading this post. Just follow all above steps before applying for a approve Google AdSense account. Best of luck. 


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning on the blog age factor which is not relevant to the AdSense approval T&C.

    1. Yea blog age is not requirement for any blog. You can get a approval AdSense account before 6 month. Thanks for your comment.

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