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Some effective ways for Increase website visitors

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All bloggers have target to increase their blog traffic. But it’s not so easy, you need to spend too many hours and work hard with your blog. Then you will be success and increase popularity of you blog. Some people work hard but not getting too many traffic they are expected because of some common mistake. You waking up daily and check your blog traffic via Google analytics, aren’t you? Unfortunately you see, you are failed to increase website visitors, not much income from your blog. You did a mistake when you hard work daily. That’s why you always failed with your website. In this post you can see what steps you need to avoid and some effective steps for increase your website quickly.

Follow great steps for Increase your website visitors:

Publish posts:

As we know Content is king. If you want to increase your SEO rank with visitors, you must need to publish 1-2 post daily. More you publish post in your website, more you will increase website visitors quickly. As we also know Alexa is also most important rank for increase our blog popularity. When you create a website first time, you will see your Alexa rank N/A or million. Then publish daily 2 posts in your blog, work 2 month. Your Alexa rank will reduce like a magic. You can see your Alexa rank below than 50,000 and it’s not bad. Just reduce your Alexa rank you will boost your website traffic. 

Keyword research:

search keyword
Before your start create a new post, spend at least 20 minute for search a good keyword and a topic. When you finish the search for choosing a good keyword for your post, you can start writing. Why keyword research is important before write a post? Then I will tell you it’s not important, it must requirement. If you want to put your post link in fist page of Google search engine, you need to research for choosing a good keyword. If you success to put your site link in Google first page, you will definitely increase your website visitors.       

Construct link building:

Link building is most important part for increase backlinks. If you get quality backlinks, you can increase your SEO rank faster and also your visitors. I’ve seeing some company they are selling backlinks for cheap price. Remember, don’t trust them. They are using automatic software, spamming and other bad method for give you backlinks for your site. 

link building for backlinks

It’s totally harmful for your website, your website will get penalize by Google. So don’t buy backlinks, just do it what you can do. Like blog commenting: Search some good blog site and start commenting on their blog with your website link. Here also remember, don’t put your website link in comment like a spam. Blog commenting is also effective method for increase website visitors.


If you have some money, then buy an ads spot in other blogs for increase website visitors. You need to choose the same niche of your blog. If your blog related in computer technology, then search a tech related popular blog. Then you can buy a small ads spot for put your website link on their website. You will get quality backlinks with promotion your ads and increase website traffic easily.           

Write for other blogs:

You can write an article for gust blogging. It’s the top way to get quality backlinks for your website and increase your page rank faster. Find some quality blog sites that are accept gust blogging. You can also accept guest post for your own blog. You can increase your post by guest blogging. 

Social media:

When you publish your blog posts in your blog, share the link with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. This is also helpful for get inorganic visitors for your blog. Also don’t forget to use social sharing widget for your blog posts. It will help when people see your post and like it. They can share your blog posts in their social media site page. 

SEO technique:

Doing on page SEO (Search engine optimization) while you writing a blog posts. On page SEO is helpful for put your site link in first page of Google. Some people create books for SEO, but you don’t need to read. Just learn some basic SEO method by reading blog posts. You just need to do some little SEO technique for your blog.    

doing genuine seo

As I told before, research a good keyword before creating a post. So always keep the keyword in your mind while you writing a blog posts. Also you need to add Meta description for your blog posts. It will helpful for know what you write.

Also don’t forget to do off page SEO technique after publish the blog post in your website. SEO is the main factor for index your blog in search engine faster. 

Using Q&A website:

What is Question & Answer website? You know Yahoo answer, wiki answers website, this is it. Now you can question, how to increase website visitors from Q&A websites?

You just need to join those site lists and help people to answer their question. You can put your source link for backlinks from Yahoo. It’s also a way for increase your page rank quickly.   

So that is the effective ways to increase quality website visitors for your website. Thanks a lot for reading this post. If you have any question, feel free to comment here.  


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