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Great strategy to get traffic from twitter

get quality traffic
As we know organic traffic is the most important for increase site rank, readers. But if we forget social media sites feature, we will lose many things. Social media traffic is also valuable for website. One of the most social media site is twitter, so many people using this site for marketing, increasing blog visitors, Increase product sales and many more. If anyhow we forget about twitter, we will lose a great way to increase website visitors. This is the great ways to get traffic from twitter. If you create a new blog or website, it’s too hard to getting traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. But if you have this social media account, you will definitely get too many traffic from twitter. So I decided to create this post for share some greatest strategy, for how to using twitter accounts to drive traffic in your website.   

Before I share the strategy, I want to tell something that you need to avoid when using twitter accounts. Because it will give you bad affect in your twitter account.

  • Don’t use any kinds of software or Bot for increasing followers. Otherwise your twitter account will be banned for sure.
  • Don’t buy twitter followers because all companies give always inactive, fake and un-trusted followers in your account. 
  • Don't talk with your personal life in tweets if you make your twitter account for business purpose. 

Drive worthy traffic from twitter:

Targeted followers:

If we need quality traffic from twitter, we also need targeted followers in our account. Before you follow people just think, is they like your tweet useful or not? Targeted followers are the best way to get quality traffic.

Targeted followers will give you best readers, commenting blog posts and many more. Just be careful before getting followers.

Now I think you can question me how to get quality followers? Just follow some basic tips you can see below.

Be active:

Don’t create a useless account. After create an account and complete your whole profile. Don’t be inactive. Otherwise you will lose your followers quickly. Keep tweeting in your profile and replying other tweets.

Follow peoples:

Follow peoples who only like your tweet and interest to visit your website. If you create your twitter account for sharing health related posts and follow technology relevant peoples. Your followers will be useless. Because they are always finding technology related news, updates and many more. If people like your tweet, they can easily re-tweet your post in their profile and favourite your post. And this is the plus point for your website.

Use twitter counter:  

Twitter counter is one of the best sites for getting quality followers in your website. You just need to visit their website and sign in with your twitter account. Then start following peoples who are the best for your niche. Many people are using this site for getting quality followers. So why not you are using, just try one time and get the benefits.

Follow button:

Put follow button in your blog is the great way to increase your followers and you can also get traffic from twitter easily. Make sure you put the follow button in correct place that are eye catching. If your readers can’t see your follow button, how could they follow you? So getting more benefits you can use twitter follow button in correct place. For example, you can put twitter follow button in top sidebar or before blog posts / below post title.

Also you can use tweet button for every blog posts. Millions of people using twitter. When you readers complete reading your posts, they can tweet your posts on their profiles. It will give you more traffic from twitter.

Using hash tags:

Using hash tags will give you more traffic from twitter and more experience with this social media site.  Most of time I’m using #blogging this hash tags when tweet something in twitter. Hash tags is looks like keyword for doing SEO, don’t use too many hash tags that looks like spamming. So be careful about this.

Re-tweet others post:

If you expect more traffic from twitter, this method will help you a lot. You can re-tweet other people’s post and you will get the same if they do. If they have followers more than you, you will get too many traffic from his account.

Auto tweets:

You can use some website for auto tweets your latest posts in your twitter account when publish. You don’t need to spend your time for tweet your posts in twitter. One of the best sites is twitter feed.

You just need to sign up there and add your blog feed URL. They will post automatically in on your twitter account when you publish a new article in your blog.

Make meeting:

Try to conversation with your followers. Don’t see your followers like lists in your twitter account. You are human don’t become a robot. Just try to chat with them and make a communication.

  • You can ask questions to your followers.
  • You can embrace conversation.
  • Give confidence feedback.

As I said some effective strategy you can do for your blog to increase traffic from twitter. If you have any kinds of question, help about this topic. Feel free to comment here with your problem. I will try to reply with best answer. 


  1. Nice post about increasing web visitors from twitter. We must need quality followers for sure. It would be great, if you tell us more about hash tags. Thank you.

    1. People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search. It's really give fast traffic from twitter.

      Thanks for your comment. If you have more question, let me know.

  2. Great post ! Social media is one of the best way to get more and more visitors. As twitter, there are many social media's like stumbleupon , pinterest, facebook and many more....

    1. Yes exactly. Too many people are using twitter social media site for promoting products and services. So this is most of the popular site . Thanks for your comment.

  3. nice tips regarding generating traffic from the social media giant, Twitter! With the enormous, a wise use of the site can turn out to be a goldmine for internet marketers that know the basics. This piece has really gone far .......thanks for sharing

    1. Glad to know you like my post and leave your comment. Thanks.


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