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Before start guest blogging – make a goal

make a goalI have no words to say how benefit guest blogging is for your blog. People start guest posting for getting quality backlinks and increase readers. I just trying to tell you before start guest post, you must need a goal for it. People publish guest post for do follow links, and do follow links are effective lot for every blogs, right? But this is not the perfect goal. It’s not fact you are newbie for guest posting or already into this. You must be a goal for this. Let’s see what kinds of goal you must need when you start guest posting. 

Make a goal for guest blogging:

Migrating traffic to subscribers:

Subscribers are most important readers to get instant traffic to your website. Your readers subscribe to your blog and when you publish a new blog post in your website. They will get an automatic message to their email via feed burner. Then you will get instant traffic to your website. You can start email marketing to collect reader’s emails and also effective way is, if you publish some freebies product in your blog. People will like to grab it, because all peoples like free products. You will get too many emails by freebies product. So you must need this goal when publishing gust post.

Using keyword in guest post:

I saw some people not research keyword when writing guest post and they are obviously newbie. If you want benefits from both of you, you must use keyword tools for researching a best keyword for your guest post. Because it will helpful to optimize your guest post in top searching, you will get quality traffic when people see your guest post from organic searches. Keyword research is also most important for getting traffic after a month or later. You can get unlimited traffic from search engine when you guest post appear in search results or top positions.

Contact blog owner:

Contact owner, if you publish first guest post in blog. Just send them your post title or topic you interested to publish a guest post. And you can ask blog owner if they have any topic on their mind. Contacting blog owner really helpful for approve your guest post soon.  

Relationship with blog owner:   

Relationship with blog owner will give you good reputation to your blog. If you need help, they will help you a lot if you have good relationship. I don’t know what your best goal for guest blogging is, but you must need to make a good relation to blog owner. You need to take this point in your guest blogging goals.     

Easy way to make good relationship to blog owner:

After approve or publish your guest post in their blog, don’t forget to share the link on social media site and promote it.

You can send a private message to the blog owner that you are happy to see your guest post in their blog.

If blog owner reader’s comment on your guest post, don’t forget to reply to their comment.

Promote your blog posts in community you like. But don’t try to spamming with your guest post link. It will harmful for your relationship.

Be regular to blog owner’s website. If you publish up to 2-3 guest post weekly, it increases your blog popularity with relationship.

Shoplifting readers:

Stealing blog owner’s reader will give you subscribers, comments, traffic, ranking and many more. You must need to publish guest post at least 2-3 times weekly. Readers will know you easily if they see your guest post. Don’t forget to attract readers to your blog post.

So main point for shoplifting readers:

Publish guest post weekly.
Reply to the readers comment.

Note: Don’t publish the same post in more than 1 blog. Don’t be so intelligent and don’t spin your content for publish the same content to many blogs. If unfortunately owner can’t catch you, Google will catch you without eyes. So ignore this.

Guest blogging goals: Catch missing

The main benefits are, if you publish a guest post in a blog weekly. You will get too many effective readers to your website, if they see your guest post is informative and useful. Don’t write guest post only for one blog. Find too many blogs and publish your guest post their also. You will get limitless reputation and relationship with different blog owners.

Let me know which goals you have in guest blogging.

If you need any kinds of help about guest blogging, don’t hesitate to comment here. I will try to solve your question ASAP. Thank you. 


  1. I always try to make a good relation with blog owners when I interest to publish a guest post to their site. It's really helpful for me to promote my site. Thank you so much for your great article. I like it.

    1. Glad to know you like my post. Thanks for your comment Mizanur Rahim.

  2. Waooo....these tips are worth trying. I never used to comment on other blogs,am gonna start commenting from now on.thanks a lot

  3. Your blog is great. It’s very interesting

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