Thursday, August 1, 2013


Win $500 by guest posting contest - Sponsored by Guest Crew

Today I’m going to share a great guest posting contest that are made by guest crew. Guest Crew has announced amazing $500 cash prize guest posting contest out there. This contest started on 1st July and finish will be 15 August.   

Note: This contest is over, you can see the 5 winner in Blog Engage website. 

Announced $500 cash prize for winners

In this contest 6 people will be winner and get the cash prize. Now question is who sponsored this 500 guest posting contest? This contest sponsored by Uttoran Sen or owner of guest crew and reviewer is Brian Belfitt or owner of Blog Engage

Cash prize details:
  • 1st winner – $200
  • 2nd winner – $100
  • 3rd winner – $75
  • 4th winner – $50
  • 5th winner – $50
  • 6th winner – $25

Sponsored of the contest (Guest Crew): 

sponsored of $500 contest

Guest Crew: As I already told you, this contest made by Uttoran Sen (Guest crew) and he sponsored this contest. He made a forum that can helpful for every bloggers who need guest post on their blogs, meet with pro bloggers or marketers, discussion about blogging, SEO, make money and many more. Don't forget to join their forum.   

Judge of Blog Engage (Brian Belfitt):

judge of $500 contest

Blog Engage: Blog Engage is amazing blogging community and social bookmarking sites. Blog Engage community made by Brian Belfitt, who judge this $500 contest of guest posting. 

How to enter guest posting contest for win:

Let me teach you how to enter this contest. You need to complete 3 steps for participating and if you have luck, you will be winner. But remember it's not about only luck, you need to do some small task. So let's see what kinds of task it is. 

Create a blog post about this contest:

Firstly you need to create a post about this guest posting contest and publish it on your own blog. Unfortunately if you have no blogs, you can publish a guest post in other blogs or Blog Engage about this contest.  

Note: Don't forget to point out our sponsor (Uttoran Sen of and judge (Brian Belfitt of in your blog posts. 

Join Guest Crew forum:

Now you need to join Guest crew forum and grab a article for publish in Blog Engage. You need a contribute account of Blog Engage for publish a article. When you visit the blogging community, you can contact with owner of Blog Engage. 

After publish guest post in Blog Engage, you need to promote the link and share it on social media site. 

Be active in Guest Crew forum: 

Be active in Guest Crew forum and create valuable thread or comment in exist thread. keep increasing your point and keep going to winning level. 

You just need to complete this 3 steps to enter this contest. Isn't is easy? :)

If you have any question or help about the contest, you can see the official contest thread


  1. Nice contest. Thanks for share. I will decide today to participate this contest.

    1. Glad to know you like this contest. Best of luck if you participate this contest.

  2. Wow, it's a big contest ever i see. I will participate for sure.

    1. Good luck to you.. Don't forget to follow all steps. :)

  3. nice post but I did not participated in this contest

    1. Thanks for comment, You can participate now. Because it's open.

  4. this is so great.. nice idea...

  5. wow this is really big contest... wish you Good Luck always

  6. Great Idea....I will participate for sure.....

  7. Cool contest! I've never got paid to blog before, so $200 for a post would be really helpful!

    1. You can try this guest blogging contest, if you have ability to write content. best of luck and Thanks for your comment.


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