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Upcoming SEO Trends 2013 & 14 – Calculation & plan

seo trends 13-14
I think all of you've already known about latest Google penguin 2.0 that released on 22th May, 2013 and panda 26 established on 18th July, 2013 which already affected too many blogger’s blog in search results. People lost their search engine position, Lost 60+% visitors, decrease Google page rank and many more. Do you know this, that Google penguin 2.0 has previously visible affected not more than 2.4% in English search queries? Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam already told Google will be strict and release more updates for avoiding spam in web for increase user’s ability.

This is the correct time to decide what SEO methods you will use and what you must need to avoid for your blog keep increasing your search engine rank. You must need to keep your blog safe when Google update their latest algorithm. 

What you've learned from Google Penguin 2.0 update:

After release the latest algorithm update, most people already learned or it’s cleared that.
  • Google is disappointing on buying / selling links in other blogs or websites.
  • Google is now too strict by checking spam in web. Google is also not going to accept any spam in web, if they catch it. Your blog will be on list of spammer.  
  • Add more power is being particular on convincing contents.

Make calculation about SEO trends in 2013 & 14:

SEO trends in 2013 & 14 will be most affected by when Google penguin and panda release their new update. No one can tell the correct prediction or calculation about SEO trends 2013 & 14.

It will quite difficult and targeting to expect what’s new we will see on next update by Google panda and penguin. But it’s sure that, their next update will affect many blogger’s who never follow SEO rules. If you are doing good SEO in your blog then, don’t worry. Your blog will be safe when release new update in whole web. It will also too hard for recovering affected blogs. In this post I will share some great strategy for SEO, if you follow all steps. Your blog will be safe for sure, whatever they release new algorithm update.   

Complete content:

When Google released their last update, too many blogs affected only for contents. Not only you need unique content, you also need complete and high quality content for your readers. As I already told you in my previous posts, don’t create content for search engine bots. Make your content valuable for your readers that are interesting to read your blog posts. You may able to use "WH questions" (What, When, Who, Whom, How, Where etc.) in your content. You can add a good quality or related video in your blog posts for make your content complete. You will be safe if you make sure and strict on contents of your blog.

Backlinks most important:

Google always like to see natural link building in your blogs. I've seen some people are using automatic software’s, black hat methods, buying link building services and many more to increase backlinks of their website. They don’t know how it’s harmful for their blog. After update the algorithm their blog penalize by Google and they lost all things by doing unnatural link building. In next update it’s sure that, Google will be more strict about link building.  

Beauty contents:

Make your content attractive or eye catching. Don’t create only high quality and unique content. If you add quality video, not more than 1-2 images in your blog posts, your content will looks good. Make sure, don’t copy other blog’s image or if you do it. Please do some editing of the image by Photoshop or any tools. Simply I mean make your image unique. J

Social media is also important:

SM optimization

Social media is always most important step to engage your blog or increase your web ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). So create a group and fan pages for promoting your blog links in social media optimization. In upcoming SEO trends, if you success to make your blog popular. Your blog will become friendly of Google. Adding social sharing widgets in every blog posts is amazing way to promote your blog by one click. If you readers like your post and think it’s really valuable, they will share your blog posts on their page like Google+, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. Try to look on social media optimization for promote your blog.   

Keyword research:

Don’t use single keyword again or repeat in your content. The different is appropriate to both internal and external links. For an example of keyword in anchor text:

If you get 100 backlinks with a single keyword, Google will see your blog as spamming or unnatural links. If you are working on single keyword like “computer tips”, you may use some specialized keyword such as like “best computer tips”, “computer tips for all newbie”, “top computer tips 2013” or many more. This method will obviously work in new Google update in 2013 & 14. 

Presentation contents:

If you only create high quality, unique, valuable content for your readers and failed to presentation your content carefully. It will not work in next Google update season. You need to make your content step by step that easy to learn what you trying to say in your post. Don’t use hard word or sentences in your blog posts. Just make sure about presenting contents in your blog posts freshly and smoothly. You will see success in season.

Blog design:

Now a day’s most of people are using mobile device for browse the web. When people visit your blog and see your blog not capability with their cell phones. They will never visit your blog again or you will lose 50% visitors from mobile devices. Make sure your blog templates are responsive, and then you will get loves from mobile users too. Responsive templates are also increasing your web ranking in SERP.     

That’s it. If you success to follow all those strategy of SEO trends. You don’t need to worry about next Google update. We will face it and work hard well. If you have more information about how to safe our blog by Google updates, don’t forget to share your strategy with us. 


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